There are millions of beauty products on the market.   It seems impossible to know which ones work, and which ones are worth the time and the money.   You work hard for your money!  So why would you spend a lot of it on a trial and error beauty process?


That’s where I come in.  I test and review a variety of beauty products, so that you don’t have to.   I am also here to help us all get informed about the ingredients in our makeup, our skin care, our daily lives so that WE can become more informed and mindful consumers.   I will tell you how all of this affects our environment, our animal friends, how these ingredients interact with our bodies and our minds.


Although I may receive items in PR;  I don’t get paid to review products, I don’t get paid to say nice things.  The reviews are all my honest thoughts on the products.  I am here to be an honest voice.  I do have affiliate codes for Amazon and Gerard Cosmetics, and yes it does help me out when you utilize my codes.  It helps me out when I get feedback from readers telling me what they would like to see on the site, or suggestions for content.


I look forward to your feedback and input.  If there is a specific product you want reviewed and tested, please let me know.


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