Morphe Vintage Rose Palette

Where to begin? I am not a Morphe fan. I have always believed that the company works by partnering with large problematic influencers to sell a subpar product at a hefty price. That said, I do own a Morphe branded brush that I like, and I do order products from the Morphe supplier- Crown Brushes at a wonderful cost savings.  It would be easy enough to order the Jaclyn Hill original palette direct from the manufacturer at significant savings.  Along with most of the Morphe branded palettes, if I am honest, it is a better investment to order direct. But, I digress.

The palette in question is the Vintage Rose palette, which retails at Sephora for $16.  The price is most likely the reason for the purchase.  The colors looked appealing in the store.  The pan size is decent; there is a fair-sized mirror, and the price is quite reasonable.  In the pan, the color story looks decent, and it would be easy to see how those colors could play together.  So, I bought it.  I would also like to point out that some of the colors have similarities to colors in the Pat McGrath Mothership VII Divine Rose palette ( the first one not the second one.) The problem is Morphe’s quality. In comparison to Pat McGrath shadows that go on easily, built easily and stay put.

I shouldn’t have bought it.  I do regret it.  Nine shades of barely-there color that all look the same on the eye. You have chalky shimmers that refuse to stick to the eyelid.  It doesn’t matter if I use a primer, no primer, concealer, wet brush, finger…nothing works.  I looked like a disco ball, no matter what I tried.

The deepest colors fade right out, and the worst part is that unless you pair this pallet with another more useful palette, you will find that the colors fade away in no time.  That is a sad waste of $16.  I paired this palette with a NYX Ultimate palette ( You may recall I didn’t like the NYX one) and was blown away at how much better the quality was on the NYX.  I was hoping to find a Pat McGrath color dupe and instead, I got duped.

Save your coins; there are so many other options globally without having to buy something of such low quality. Did you buy this palette? What are your thoughts on the Morphe brand? Leave a comment below, or join in the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @everydaybeaut11. Click the subscribe button so that you never miss out.

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