Bug Bites and Blue Eyeliner

I purchased a blue kohl eyeliner, awhile ago…which is to say, back in a time when I thought I would look good wearing blue eyeliner. I have yet to find anyone that actually looks good in blue eyeliner. Although supermodels can wear anything. I am not a supermodel, and this is a reflection of the intriguing missteps made in makeup.

Lip Gloss

Is there anything more frustrating in the entire world than lip gloss? Not even asking for a friend. I have fostered a long-running hate-hate relationship with lip gloss, and I don’t think anything will make me ever change my mind. I have lip gloss. A stunning collection of sticky, runny, horrific wastes of money, lip glosses that somehow attracts a random piece of hair every time, and that hair will magically drag itself across your face, and then you have a gloss on your face. Ick. Lip gloss that sticks to itself, so it looks like you glued your lips shut. Lip gloss that gets heated up and melts itself to the edge of the lip so lovely…if you are looking like a clown. Gloss that sticks to teeth. Bloody awful gloss that wears off on the center of the bottom lip but stays at the corners of the mouth, so ya look crazy. Totally crazy.

I once read a ‘tip’ for gloss, if you are ever in the wilderness (backyard) and you get a bug bite, gloss will take the itch away. No. It. Won’t. You will just have an itchy, sticky, shiny bug bite that is probably going to get infected from all the oily gunk you just put on it.

Full Coverage Matte Foundation

Ladies everywhere be loving some coverage. I get it, I love covering up my skin issues. But, I am well past the stage of stage makeup. My skin isn’t perfect. But, it’s my skin, and I am unique and different. A medium-coverage foundation should be sufficient. I am not doing stage makeup, drag makeup, or Instagram makeup. I see girls all the time with trowel-applied makeup. Why? Are you an alien? And to make it worse, these ladies are using a matte foundation. The idea of the foundation is to smooth out the issues while making you look like a glowy, naturally radiant version of yourself.

Matte foundations of the full coverage variety tend to make people look like mannequins. That’s not a flattering look unless you are standing in a store window.


Super Heavy Use of Concealer

Concealer is designed to conceal flaws. It is not a foundation. Foundation is designed to be used for broader coverage, concealer spot coverage. I watch YouTube videos all the time where people are using a concealer as if it was a foundation. Or worse, they slather it on under the eyes to ‘conceal’ discoloration and use such an excessive amount that they get creasing, caking, and it looks even worse than what they started with. Word to the wise, think spots! Spot conceal. Not whole face conceal. Spot.

Heavy Contour

Unless you are going to be performing for an audience, less is more. If you look like you fell in the dirt, you have gone too far. Please stop. If you can’t tell…go outside and look at yourself in daylight. If little children run away, go wipe it off.


I hate glitter, hate it with a passion. Never stays put, never get rid of it. Ends up in the oceans and kills everything. It’s a shiny omen of the apocalypse. Love foiled. Love shimmery. Hate glitter.

Crazy Eyeliner

Caveat: If you are going to a party or special occasion you CAN make this work. However, if you are working in an office or professional job, please allow me to be the first to say that you look like you are trying way too hard. WAY too hard. Me and blue eyeliner. Huge mistake.


Is this even still a thing? Is anyone THAT oily? I powder under my eyes, but I don’t need much. No one needs to use a bucket of powder to make makeup stay. Try a setting spray.

I have been guilty of all of these and many many more… red lipstick was one. Not the nice red, the seen from space red. What makeup sins have you committed? Let me know in the comments below, connect on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @everydaybeaut11. Please feel free to share with your friends and subscribe.


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