Quarantine Time

To be entirely transparent,  I am not in quarantine.   I am not complaining in the least.  It feels good to have some sense of normalcy amid this movie like a catastrophe.  In a way, the shortened hours at the stores remind me of being a kid when the stores were closed on Sunday, and nothing was open late for shopping.  Of course, back then, you could go to a weekend matinee for $1, and I was still allowed to go downtown by myself.  Yes, the ’80s were a great time.

Now, if I was to be in quarantine, I would probably spend endless hours working on my cat-eye flick or the perfect baby winged eyeliner.  I would most likely do the super popular thing and cut my own hair ( Pink- looking at you, girl!) or even better dye it. (Did you feel that? Somewhere my stylist just shivered in terror.)  Please, folks, don’t cut or dye your own hair nor shave off your eyebrows. What you can do is check out new makeup, try new application techniques, and eliminate sun damage by staying inside and utilizing Retinol, Lactic Acid, and AHA’s.

If makeup isn’t a good distraction, then it may just be time to start a garden.  Yes, you heard me correctly.   A garden.  Hoarding and panic have become the new normal, it is always reassuring to have some control over things that are going on.  One of the best ways to accomplish that is to grow your own food.  Some seeds, dirt, light, and water, and you too can be a burgeoning farmer.

Farming doesn’t float your boat?  How about cooking?  Bread making, pasta making, or make some wild dessert?  How about working out?  We have nowhere else to be.  Perhaps its time to start that novel that you always wanted to write or work on the business plan that may be the world’s next big thing.  It’s definitely time to learn a second language and improve our surroundings.  After all, we always say we will do something when we have time.  Now we have time and we….Netflix? Really?

I’ve started a painting project.  It isn’t going like I had planned, but its better than the way things looked before I started.  I have looked at sourdough bread starters, planted my mini garden ( it is still a bit cool to plan stuff in the main garden), and made plans for the central garden.   I would love to know what everyone else is up to.  What are you doing to pass the time?  Let me know in the comments below or find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @everydaybeaut11.  Click subscribe, share with your friends, and let’s talk; after all,  there is nothing else to do.

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