Sephora Sale

Sephora has a really spanky weekly sale.  Sort of.   Last week featured Natasha Denona limited edition palettes, that must be the least limited thing ever.  Seriously, that was over two years ago.  Enough already.  Huda Beauty palette’s that haven’t moved in a long time and a general feeling of meh!  This week isn’t much better but, here is hoping it will take away the February blues.


Anastasia Beverly Hills:

jackieLet’s begin with the ever-growing trainwreck that is Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I live and love this brand, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the heck they are doing.  carliBack to back launches, questionable collabs with MLM’s and poor PR list choices are turning fans away from the brand.  In the crush to release everything and the kitchen sink, the Jackie Aina and Carli Bybel palettes were released.  Then they were promptly mowed under by the wave of Norvina palettes and quickly forgotten.  They are both marked down from $60 to $42 CAD.  Be aware that the Carli Bybel palette has gotten a lot of flack for being chalky and dusty. Also, for the colors not really holding.   The Jackie Aina palette is full of beautiful shades.  This launch just suffered from a lack of promotion, it was here and then it was gone.,  Or at least on sale at Sephora. It didn’t really help the situation that nothing in either palette is terribly original.  The days of thought and planning seem to be over at ABH.


KVD Vegan Beauty:

This poorly rebranded set of offerings from Kendo is meh! At best.  There isn’t a problem with the quality, and the discounted price almost makes this a deal to recommend. However, there are still questions in regards to keeping a link from the brand to Kat von D.  She has caused so much trouble with her anti-semitic, anti-vaccine views that customers have gone elsewhere in droves. Poor marketing decisions (remember the concealer ad shot in a cotton field?) and a poor public image plague the brand.  Youtube personalities have been the subject of extreme criticism for even having her brand on hand.  If you have a hankering to try the brand, this would be a reasonable price point to try it at.




I adore Fresh products, but not the prices.  This limited edition set, released for Christmas 2019, is marked down and not a bad deal if you are looking to try out the Fresh Black Tea line.  Marked down from $156 to $124.80, you get a little sampling of everything that you may have wanted to find under the tree.



Moschino x Sephora:


Dlaptopon’t buy it.  It launched over a year ago, I am pretty sure this is just clear out of old stock.  Don’t waste your time.  It is marked down from $78 to $38.  Still not sure that I would bother with it. In fact, I wouldn’t bother with it.





Sorry folks, there isn’t much to recommend this week.  Makeup is stuck in a revolving door of blah! Lately.  Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @everydaybeaut11.  Click the subscribe button and share us with your friends.

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