Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette

Holy butt-monkies Batman! Here we have yet another Anastasia Beverly Hills release.  I am seriously thinking it is time to sit down the people running that company and give them a chill pill.   This marks the 11th launch of an eye shadow palette in less than a year.  If you were not completely overwhelmed with the constant revolving choices then you may have had time to feel bad for the company.  The constant launches have taken this from a coveted collector brand to a slap dash, blink and you miss it brand.  The collectors are quickly going broke; consumer fatigue is in high gear and launches are not what they used to be.

The Amrezy palette features 16 shadows instead of the standard 14.  Available at Sephora and the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, this baby retails for $65 CAD.  That works out to $4.06 per shadow.  Which isn’t bad.  But, the reality is unless you are really obsessed with this palette, you CAN DO BETTER elsewhere.  First of all, the packaging is slapdash.  The glitter cardboard is cute, except the glitter doesn’t stay on the cardboard.  So expect it to be all over everything that you value.

Second, these shadows are nothing new or special.  Many of these shades are easily found in other ABH palettes.  Why pay to buy the same thing twice? The color story itself is nothing inspiring.  Reports are surfacing that the shadows are patchy and below the usual ABH standard.

When you look at collaborators like Carli Bybel, Alyssa Edwards, and Jackie Aina, who put in a huge effort in creating palettes only to find them tossed aside in a couple of weeks it makes me sad for the brand.   Much of the marketing dollars lately have focused solely on Norvina and her 3 full sized and 3 mini palettes.  I’m sorry but does anyone actually like Blue eyeshadow that much?

This strikes me as a chucked together palette.  I see elements of Riviera, Soft Glam, Jackie Aina, and Carli Bybel.  Does anyone need this palette? Not really.  But, if it gets the juices flowing in all the right ways, then by all means get it.  Take the time and let me know in the comments below if you are going to be purchasing or have purchased this palette.  Chime in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @everydaybeaut11.  Click the subscribe button so that you never miss a post and share us with your friends.


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