It’s the ides of January

We are 15 days into a new year.  The New Year’s drunk phase has worn off.  The idealistic going to the gym phase has worn thin.  Holiday bills are rolling in, and the bank balance isn’t going up any.   It is the time of the winter blues.

On the Canadian West Coast, we are suffering from super cold weather and a butt load of snow (yes, a butt load is an actual measurement) now when I say super cold, I mean cold for the west coast.  The Eastern Seaboard would laugh at this weather and call it Tuesday.  The flu is in full swing and me, while I am a joiner and decided to get a cold.

So, as I sit here bundled up with the heat cranked, hair undone, sipping tea, and reeking of cough drops, I would like to discuss with you some of the new anti-haul products.

Give this a PASS:

BeautyBlender Wave Shadeshifter Sponge:

wave.jpgI don’t get it.  For CAD 26, you can purchase this color-changing makeup sponge.  Limited Edition.  One sponge for $26.  What in the actual fudge people? I am admittedly a person who both loves and loathes the Beauty Blender brand.  I love that they appeared on the market with a genuinely revolutionary sponge.  I adore the marketing savvy that convinced an entire world that this sponge was better than anything else.  Mad respect.  On the flip side of that argument is that they really haven’t come out with anything new in years ( unless you count the forgettable and messy BeautyBlender Foundation) many other companies on the market make sponges that are just as wonderful without the considerable cost.   The brand has been shady AF towards other brands but, they haven’t upped their game and wowed us with anything new.

Try this instead:

Real Techniques Sponge:

real.jpgInstead, I would suggest throwing my earning dollars behind the very economical Real Techniques sponges.   They are very effective, they had Beauty Blender raining shade on them last year.  They retail for $12 at Walmart and that is for 2 sponges.  Right of the hop, you have saved $14 and gotten double the amount of product.  It doesn’t shift colors.  Which is fine, because it’s there as a tool to apply foundation. It will be covered in makeup, and most folks I know seriously do not have the time to ooh and ahh at a color-changing sponge.  Welcome to the grown-up option for people on a schedule.


Give this a PASS:

Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette:

ndminiglam.jpgI have a deep and serious love for the Biba palette,  I have mad respect for the formulas, for the effort put into the larger palettes, for the time it takes to create something unique.   I love the colors in this palette,  I don’t, however, feel that it is a good value.  Yes, the small size will last you a long time.  However, it is really tiny.  It contains three shimmers.  For $30.

Try this instead:

Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palette:

obsessionsThis palette is available at Sephora in 3 colorways for $37.  You get 9 shadows, which means more mattes, more options, and the color payoff on these shadows is insanely intense. I love me some mattes, and this is one of the palettes that fills the bill.





Give this a PASS:

Fenty Beauty Dry Brush Cleaning Sponge:

fenty.jpgThis is your basic quick clean brush cleaning kit.  Basically, its a piece of rough sponge in a container.  Very handy to have.  Not at $24.  If you have money to burn, send it to me instead of wasting it on this.   Seriously. Spending money on this is like using a baby seal to wipe your booty.    Horrible and unnecessary.




Try this instead:


Color Cleaner Makeup Removal Dry Sponge:


clorAvailable at Walmart for $8.98.  Save yourself almost $16 on a product that is virtually the same.





It is not always necessary to spend top dollar on the best products.  This year is about smart beauty.  That means saving the coins for a rainy day, choosing better spending habits, and not just throwing dollars at brand names and logos.  Click the subscribe button, share us with your friends and hop in on the conversation in the comments below or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @everydaybeaut11.  I wanna know what sensible substitutions you have found that save some coin.

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