Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020.  It looks to be a turbulent year. The economy is on the brink, along with the environment, food supplies, and virtually anything else that can go off; the maps seem to be heading that way.   In the area where I live, property values are dropping, and jobs are evaporating.  This brought spending and consumption to the forefront, and this is also why there were no big details on the latest Sephora sale.

While we are at it, let’s just briefly touch on the latest Sephora Sale.  They offered an additional discount on already marked down merchandise.  (Cue a massive eye roll) Several of the items provided in the sale section or as I term it: makeup purgatory has been there for over a year.  Unless it is ACTUALLY something you are after, do not be swayed by the low prices. Old crusty makeup isn’t worth your time or dollars.

January is the time to spend your coin at Sephora.  Here’s why: VIB, Rouge status membership.  If you don’t have either of these statuses, by spending $350 or $1000 you will earn additional points, you will have free shipping and deeper discounts come sale time.  The status for Rouge is valid for another year, just spend $1000 during the year to maintain the status.  Now, I don’t advocate just spending money willy nilly.  This is a great time to invest in a good skincare routine.  Not so much in terms of makeup.  Spring will bring new colors, new formulas, and new trends, so hold tight to those dollars.

Please, don’t fall into the trap where they try to encourage you to trade points for mini products.  You worked hard to earn those points, don’t just chuck them away on samples.

If you are looking to conserve money in this very uncertain New Year, I would suggest going on a no-buy for anything that isn’t mascara or foundation.  The trend this year is less highlighter, no more matte lipsticks (thank heavens), lighter statement makeup.  Neutrals will be significant due to the extreme functionality that they offer.  Expect to see less contouring, less Instagram makeup, and an all-around softer look.

For nails: The trends are stunning blues, tomato reds, and soft pastels.  Pretty colors that are very versatile.  Nail art will see a decline in opulence, expect simple yet, tasteful designs that are not covered in crystals.

Overall, the trend is going to be more towards natural beauty and letting your personality shine through.  Not that this will help you in any way if you go into a Sephora store without Instagram makeup.  Every time I go into mine I have a hard time getting service unless I go all out which is fine while you are IN the store… then I leave and get asked if I am part of a Kabuki show or if I applied my makeup with a shotgun.  Not worth it,  order online when you can.  It is just easier.

This year let’s focus on beauty inside and out,  I would love to know your New Year’s resolutions, and what you are looking forward to accomplishing this year.  Chime in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @everydaybeaut11.  Leave a comment below, share us with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe.


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