Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil

I ran out of my Urban Decay Brow Blade in Taupe Trap.  Get in the car looking like a scary sparse 90’s child with paper-thin brows, and I burn rubber all the way to Sephora. They are out of the Brow Blade.  Being in a complete panic, I ask for help from an associate who says, “brow products are over there, I hear Benefit is good…” and walks away.  I wait, I look pathetic.  No service.  No luck.  Considering I purchase into the land of double Rouge in a year, this pissed me off.  I HATE not getting excellent service when I am dropping good, hard-earned money.  So, I stomp the hell out and head over to Walmart.  By this point, no one is staring, Walmart is the land of bad brows, bad decisions, and bad body odor.

Under the harsh lights, my visage is the same as all the folks shopping in their pj’s and the guy showing way too much butt crack.  The situation is desperate.  In the sorely understocked makeup aisle, I found two things.  First, a bunch of makeup that has been opened tested and returned to the rack (say it with me…EWWWWWW!) and the Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil in Soft Brown.

Offered in five (5) shades, it is easy to say that I am not going to get the best match here.  For $11, what can I expect?  The pencil itself features an angled tip, and a nice spoolie on the back end to help mellow out the super harshness of the color.  The product itself is angled like an Hourglass product but is the equivalent of three Anastasia Beverly Hills pencils bound together.  There are no soft strokes with this.  You are fully committed with this waterproof, long-lasting formula.  Be prepared.

If you have full, lush brows, this is going to be an easy win.  If you fit perfectly into the 5 shade groups, or simply want this baby to stay on through a swim class and a workout you are in LUCK.  This product will do all that.   What it fails to do is provide delicate hair-like strokes. This provides brows that are closer to my mom’s generation.   If you have some mad skills, you may be able to pull this off.  I don’t have those skills.  Therefore, I am saying give this puppy a pass better things exist on the market.

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