Loving what we have…

I have quite the voluminous makeup collection. A new eyeshadow palette becomes a weekly or monthly occurrence.  New highlighters, weekly changes to my foundation routine, let us not forget lip products and everything in between.

I love it.  I love having the newest, latest products always at my fingertips. This habit isn’t sustainable. Financially, even with items in PR, the return on investment (ROI) isn’t there.  It is easy to amass so many products that some go untouched, others get used once or twice and then end up discarded or forgotten. In the end, products get thrown out that never get used to their full potential.  This is a horrible waste of time and money.  Products end up in the landfill or expired in a cupboard.

It has been a long-coming decision to attempt to use up the products that are currently in the collection before purchasing anything new.  Not that I don’t want new products certainly not because there aren’t exciting products on the market.  I’m just tired of the waste.  I am tired of looking at palettes with shades that I have four times over and feeling the need to purchase it for the newness.  I’m sick of watching products expire because they have been pushed aside for new products to flood in.

I have gone to Sephora when palettes are on sale for 50% off and watched people go in and purchase them at full price later on.  I  find myself looking for the deals, instead of buying products just because it’s new and hot.  Call it a change in view, buyer’s fatigue perhaps.   I am fundamentally bored with the offerings on the market.  Hundreds of new palettes that all look alike, with no attention-grabbing, heart-thumping moments.

I am switching my focus to look more for multi-tasking products, less at fancy packaging, and more at value.   I still love my Drunk Elephant, Pat McGrath, and Gerard Cosmetics.  I also love my palettes that need to get used up: Huda Beauty, ABH, Pat McGrath.  I would like to know how many of you out there have actually used a product all the way to an empty?  What was it?  Why was it so good?

When I look at the Sephora sale (currently running) I find myself restocking only the things I really need. This has me wondering if others in the world feel the same way? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @everydaybeaut11.  I really would like to see what everyone restocks, or avoids.

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