Kate Somerville Cold Cream Cleanser

So, we have been on hiatus for a little while because its summer and I can only try out so many products before my skin gets super fatigued (as if it doesn’t suffer enough with a day job.)  Anyways, I have been checking out a lot of new things, revisiting some old stuff, and branching out on all the essential elements.  Welcome back.


  • It has a nice jar
  • Great for dry skin
  • Not tested on animals


  • Expensive $63 for 3oz/95g of product
  • Didn’t remove makeup, not even my mascara
  • Clogged my pores


This product was a huge mess.  Yes, it is precisely like any other cold cream you may have run across in your entire life.  The difference is the cost.  This product didn’t remove my makeup, it didn’t do anything but leave a greasy film on my face that ended up breaking me out.

ponds1If you are in the market for a cold cream cleanser go and get the original Pond’s Cold Cream.  You can find a jar of it at any drugstore for about $6.  It will work just as effectively and save you enough money to buy lunch, or get a pedicure.

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