Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

With a sad selection of 10 shades, this foundation is perfect for those of you who are of fair complexion requiring light tinted coverage.  Retailing at Sephora for $50 30ml/1oz, this foundation promises 24-hour wear and perfect picture ready coverage.


  • Light coverage for summer
  • Estee Lauder quality
  • Long lasting


  • There is really no coverage of any kind.  More of a tint.
  • Expensive
  • Creases in fine lines if you build the coverage
  • Not a cruelty-free company
  • Not Vegan
  • Not inclusive in shade range


I really wanted something lighter for summer.  My Dior Forever gets to be a bit heavy, and I take on a lot of color in the summer and find myself being two to three shades darker.  I need something quick and easy.  What I got was almost like a tinted moisturizer.  The color is perfect.  The coverage is non-existent. If you try to build it up, it will settle into fine lines and live there.  This foundation does last a long time. But, the coverage is so light that it is hard to tell.  I would recommend purchasing the original Double Wear foundation and cutting it with moisturizer.

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