Declutter time…

It is always a good idea to go through makeup supplies and clean things out.  We all have that pretty palette sitting in the back of the drawer that is something we will use “one day” and never do.  So, in the spirit of Marie Kondo here is what I am finally decluttering and why.


2F092937-7F52-43D2-A57E-06B339F79B7C ELF Opposites attract palette.  Beautiful colors, they just failed me.  Even now as it sits in front of me, I am having a difficult time letting it go.  The shimmers Spicy, Low-Key, Clever, Bold, Chill and Daring, are so pretty. Fresh is an excellent base shade but, seven shades out of 18 is not a good number.  I found the mattes to be under pigmented, patchy and they would either blend into nothingness or just look weird.  I have dupes in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes for Spicy, Low-Key, and Bold.  I am sad to see the potential of this palette go unutilized.

peach3 I had purchased three of the Covergirl TruNaked palettes and didn’t have a good time with them.  I divested myself of them, then I was told that it may have been a random fluke that I had problems with the formula.  So, I repurchased.  The colors are so freaking beautiful.  I have TruNaked Roses, Peach Punch, and Sunsets.  The palettes are well thought out, well laid out, shimmers are phenomenal.  What kills things is lasting power and pigmentation.  Yes, it is buildable.  If you use a packing method, you can achieve stunning looks which on me, are usually gone in three hours.  I love Covergirl and stand behind them as a company; however, these shadows just didn’t do it for me. Yes, I did use a primer with them, no joy.

rimmelBeautiful and cost-effective palette.  I have the Spice Edition.  It works wonderfully.  I have no complaints about this palette.  Well, one complaint.  It works best when you use it with other palettes.  Hear me out on this one. You can create stunning looks with this palette, but you know straight off that all the looks created solely with this palette are going to be monochrome in nature and limited. The dark shades aren’t really that dark when applied and used on its own, looks tend to get really muddy really fast.  If you are going to invest in a Spice or Crimson palette make sure that you save enough money to buy a second palette.  Unless you want all of your looks to be one note.

glowrecipe1Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping mask- it was so very very bad for me.  I just hated what this product did to my skin.  Totally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.  I realize it’s harsh but, I expected more from you Glow Recipe!




ysl1Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation- this little baby didn’t work for me at all.  Made my skin look awful.  A colossal waste of money but, thankfully Sephora has an excellent return policy.  So bad.




byebye1IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer was way too heavy and cakey for my needs.  With a weird undertone, I was disappointed with the way it accentuated every line and crease. Wanted to love this one so much.


contour1Wet n Wild. Great company, great highlighters.  Fail of a product.  Doesn’t perform as it should.  Stick to products that they never fail at.  Still trying to find a decent contouring palette.


That takes care of the first drawer in our declutter and the first installment in this series.  What is in your declutter pile? Let me know in the comments below or chime in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @everydaybeaut11.  Find us on Flipboard at Beauty to the Test magazine.  Please subscribe so you are always informed when we publish.






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