A Riviera Update…

I was so stoked when I heard about this palette.  The colors are so amazing and so different, I had to have it! I wasn’t about to order the PR box, not because I didn’t want it, but with exchange rates, and shipping and duties it became unfeasible.  So, I waited.  I called Sephora on the first day of the store launch, and they didn’t have it.  I psycho dialed them until they agreed to go get it for me.

It’s stunning in person.  I was disappointed that Sephora didn’t have a massive spotlight on just THIS product because…damn, look at it! I bought it and ran home to play with every beautiful shade.  The shades actually inspire excitement for me; it was Inheritance. I love that shade so much.

I had the palette for about a week before I had to return it.  The girls at Sephora looked at me like I had lost my mind.  They also suggested samples of eye cream to try to help soothe my eyes.  My sensitive eyes, which were not all that sensitive beforehand; reacted to all of the shades in the bottom row.  It didn’t matter what I tried my eyes would swell up like I had been punched.  It was brutally unpleasant.  I kept hoping that it was just the pressed pigments.  But, sadly it wasn’t.

If you have sensitive eyes and you are considering purchasing this palette be aware that you may experience stinging or burning and swelling of the eyes.   With all of that, I had to bid adieu to the most exciting palette I have seen in years.  Here is hoping that they release Inheritance as a single and Seychelles.  I’m gonna go cry in the corner for a while.

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