LA Colors Lashes

I don’t typically wear falsies.  I have tried the magnetic lashes, and they looked horrific on me and kept falling off.  As a result, I usually just try to find a great mascara and go from there.  Recently, however, I was in Winner’s and spotted these babies for $3.99.  I figured that it would be a cheap way to try something new, and if they look awful, they would just go in the garbage no one the wiser.

Let me say if you are going to purchase these you will need to buy a separate lash glue.  The glue that came with the set was dried up and utterly useless.   What would you expect for $3.99?  Once you get past that the lashes are pretty standard.  They enough to provide a va-va-voom look in an instant.

I found them exceptionally comfortable and easy to apply.  The lashes stayed perfectly in place without feeling heavy or poking me in the eye.  The effect was insanely dramatic and I; immediately fell in love.  I now wear lashes almost every day.  My options are glamor or super glam.  Yup, I am in love with lashes.  No day seems complete without them.  Check these ones out and let me know if you agree.

I know that it is easy to pass over some of these discounted options, yet it is an easy way to try out something new.  I would encourage all of you diva’s on a budget to check out places like Marshall’s, Winner’s, and TJ Maxx and see what you can find.  Often you will be able to locate some fantastic brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat von D,  Stila, etc.

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