ELF Line and Define Eye Tape

I admittedly have difficulties when it comes to makeup.  I can never get it dark enough for Instagram photos, I have trouble getting the perfect cut crease, and a sharply defined line? Forget about it.  So, I bought these eye tape liners by ELF at Walmart for $3.  That price will get you a little pouch with 40 liners.  Which works out to about 13 cents per liner.

Now, these little tape liners are designed to tape off the outer edge of the eye, so you can be a bit less careful with your eye makeup and still achieve a beautiful crisp line.  The first thing that I noticed is that each liner is HUGE.  One-liner would run all the way from my eyebrow down to almost my nose.  I made the decision to cut the strip in half, it still covered my eye and had room left over.eye tape

The pieces stick well and are easy to remove and reposition as needed.  Did they revolutionize my makeup skills? Sort of.  They did make it way easier to cut a line of shadow.  They make it super easy to use as a guide for winged eyeliner.  Definitely worth trying if you struggle or want a sharper edge.

As described on the ELF website:

This skin-safe makeup tape allows you to create those Instagram-worthy eye looks with dramatic edged and ultra-defined liner. This makeup tape creates a barrier between makeup and your skin to create those angled eyeshadow looks and fierce cat eyes with ease!


Contains 2 sheets of 20 strips (40 strips total).

Each strip is 2.8 inches (73mm) long.


ELF is a cruelty-free and Vegan brand.  It saddens me greatly to see that they shuttered all of there retail stores as of the 26th of February.  ELF products will still be available through their website and at a variety of retailers across the country.  Do you love ELF products?  Do you use ELF products?  Let me know in the comments below or chime in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @everydaybeaut11.  Find us on Flipboard at Beauty to the Test magazine.  Don’t forget to click the follow button so that you are notified every time we post something new.

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