For the love of blooms

Happy Valentine’s day!  Valentine’s is without a doubt the biggest day of the year for flowers.  The prices of roses typically jump from $19 per dozen to over $60 a dozen.  Restaurants, usually offer special menus at inflated prices and when you include the cost of travel to and from a venue, hair, makeup, new outfit, chocolates, alcohol, etc.  This turns into a reasonably expensive holiday.   A study by the National Retail Federation concluded that the average American spends $136 per person.  With a total national spend expected to exceed 18.2 billion dollars.

That is a lot of money.  So, what is the average person to do?  One way to reduce the cost is to consider flowers other than roses.  Jiri Praus invented a mechanical tulip that blooms in every color of the rainbow, as a present for his wife. For those of us who are not as mechanically inclined as Mr. Praus, I have listed some other options for love inspired on a budget.  Remember, every day is a day to love.  It doesn’t have to be expensive if your heart is in it.




Lily – Stunningly beautiful and available in a variety of colors.  A single one of these can cost more than a dozen red roses.  Shop around, Costco and online giants may be able to sell for less. Representing love and devotion, these are a sure hit.





Peony- Soft and delicate romance? This is your flower. They scream sweetness and are often thought of as a good luck charm.





Asters- Vibrant with associations to love, charm and sensitivity.  Available in a wide variety of hues to achieve that perfect look for the ideal person.






Orchids – Delicate and exotic.  Wow, your significant other on Valentine’s Day with a plant that will last and look stunning long after the day has passed.  Representing beauty and strength.





Tulips – Cost effective and very pretty.  Available in a wide variety of colors for a fraction of the cost of roses.  Representing the idea of perfect love.





What is your favorite flower for demonstrating love?  Let me know in the comments below or chime in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @everydaybeaut11.  Find us on Flipboard at Beauty to the Test Magazine.


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