Self-care begins with hydration

Self-care tends to be an abstract thought, easy to look after others while neglecting our own basic needs.  One of the most basic and overlooked needs is for proper body hydration. Yes, water.

You may be aware that water comprises 70% of the human body, and that it is something that we can’t live without.  You may have heard about the importance of hydration for exercise purposes and the appearance of vibrant skin.  Did you know that sufficient water intake plays a vital role in hunger?  Cravings for sweet foods can often be alleviated by just drinking a glass of water.  Blood pressure drops with an adequate intake of water.  Digestion issues are eased. Mentally, our focus is sharper when we are properly hydrated. Mouth odors are kept under control with proper hydration, joints, muscles, and organs all perform better with adequate hydration.

I understand water is boring.  But, water is also versatile.  Pair a plain glass of water with some fruit for a flavorful punch,  get your water from eating a piece of fruit (along with a healthy dose of fiber), herbal teas, juices and milk all contain water.  Research has shown that it isn’t hard to get a fulfilling intake of water from a variety of sources.

What is difficult is ensuring that you don’t sabotage your good efforts.  Coffee and caffeinated drinks counteract all of your hydration efforts due to a diuretic effect.  Energy drinks provide chemicals and high doses of caffeine which negate any water intake.

But, let’s make it easy.  Challenge yourself to have just one extra glass of water a day. One extra glass every day for a month.  I can guarantee that its a small change that will make a huge difference. Where you will notice the largest amount of change is in the appearance of your skin.

Adequately hydrated skin will appear as if it is lit from within, dark circles are less prevalent, minor acne will usually clear up, the skin will look less dry.  Water is really the fountain of youth.  Have you had your water today?


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