Bioderma Micellar Water

I have been moving both home and office. Everything in my world is either: packed, lost, misplaced, have no room to unpack, can’t find all the components, etc.  The worst part of that equation is not able to quickly and efficiently remove my makeup when I want to.  The other problem is finding where I left my darned makeup in the first place. But, I digress.  This french micellar water, formulated for sensitive skin, has never been far from my side (I kept it in my purse) retailing for $29 for a 500ml bottle of product which works out to approximately 6 cents per ml of product. bioderma

This product is designed for sensitive skin, which makes it perfect and soothing for my easily irritated visage. There was no smell, it is paraben and alcohol free which is fantastic, it quickly and easily removes any and all traces of makeup without leaving my skin feeling dry or leaving a residue behind.  Which is important to note.  Many micellar products on the market will leave a residue behind that should be rinsed off after.

In fact, I have nothing but praise for this product.  I realize that the price point is kind of high.  I know that there are more cost-effective products on the market that promise to accomplish the same things.  They may well do that, but they don’t do it as quickly or as efficiently.  This is one product that is totally worth the splurge. Now can someone please find my backup winter boots? They are packed around here somewhere.

As described on the Bioderma website:

At Bioderma, our expertise in prescription and pharmacy allows us to understand what your sensitive and intolerant skin needs. It requires tailored care to ensure its health and prevent undesirable reactions such as discomfort, burning and pulling sensations, diffuse or localized redness, dehydration as well as dryness. Made for sensitive and reactive skin, our Sensibio line respects the sensitivity of your skin, using optimal dosage of ingredients that are already present in your body. The Sensibio routine allows you to reinforce your skin’s biological barrier while mimicking its very functions, no matter your lifestyle and environment. Highly versatile and personalized, our products from the Sensibio line adapt to the origin, importance and level of your sensitivity, combining essential agents in adapted textures. Bioderma acts as a precursor when it comes to micellar water. As a proof, Sensibio H2O is an all-in-one cleansing solution and makeup remover that contributes to have a healthy skin on a daily basis, while respecting the vulnerability of sensitive skin. Sold every 2 seconds somewhere in the world, it eliminates impurities from your face and around your eyes in one single step and without rinsing, working even on waterproof makeup.



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