The two minute brow

overdone brows
Laura Lee

Instagram brows have their place. Nights out, parties, dramatic looks.  They are bold and sharp, like this picture of Laura Lee’s eyebrows. Taken in an everyday context this style of the brow can appear very obviously overdrawn and harsh.  This type of eyebrow looks wonderful from 10 feet away and like a train wreck up close.


Gigi Hadid

Thankfully, there are quick and easy options that look amazing without having to spend a lot of time, a fuller natural brow.  Think about your eyebrows, but better. As you can see in this photo of Gigi Hadid brows are full without the overdone harshness of current trends. So, how do you get it?


The Products:

The first thing you are going to need is a good brow gel. Brow gels come in both clear and tinted formulas, so it is easy to select the one that works best for you.





Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel at Sephora for $29. Available in tinted or clear.







Glossier Boy Brow – for $20 at Glossier.  Available in tinted or clear.







Essence Make me Brow- retailing for $4 at drugstores everywhere.  Available in three shades.



Once you have selected a good brow gel, pick a brow pencil that matches your natural eyebrow color.



Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Wiz Pencil available at Sephora $27.









DiorShow Brow Styler $36 available at Sephora.









MaybellingTattoo Studio Brow Pen $12 at Walmart.






Here is how easy this is.  Use your brow gel of choice and brush brows straight up.  Take your brow pencil and lightly fill in any noticeable gaps in your eyebrows.  You are done, just that fast and easy.  This look works for everyday makeup, no makeup-makeup looks and natural I-just-woke-up-like-this looks.  It will not work for every situation.  If you are doing a party night out you will want to adjust and go with a darker brow.  Remember your eyebrows should match up to your eye makeup.  If you are going light neutral on the eyes, then the brows should also be light and natural.  If you are going deep smokey eye, then darken the eyebrows up to match the tone of your makeup.

Give this technique a try and let me know how much time you saved, and I would love to know which products you find work the best.  Let me know in the comments down below, chime in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @everydaybeaut11 or see us on Flipboard at Beauty to the Test Magazine.



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