Holidays, Stress and You

Once November hits we are bombarded with the approaching holidays. We leap from Halloween to Christmas in a short period and we never really touch down to ground level until some time around mid-January. As we do this, we get so wrapped up in the many “shoulds” of the season. Whipping ourselves into a frenzy of preparing, gathering, and shopping.

For many, the holidays are a season full of dread. How can you overcome those obstacles and enjoy the true spirit of the season? Let’s begin with priority number one which is you! I hear you say “How can the holiday be a season of giving if it is all about me?” You must place yourself at the front of the line to effectively manage your time and balance the things we handle every day: work, family, friends, home along with the added holiday season.

Balance is required for you to be at your best. You need to stay grounded with yourself. Some key elements to accomplish this objective are:

  • Planning an agenda.  Begin by asking yourself what you value most about the holidays?  Where do you see yourself in the equation of the festivities? What do you hope to accomplish?
  •  Utilize the people close to you for help. Are there people that you can rely on to assist with planning and food preparation for Christmas? Are there friends or other parents that can watch your little ones while you brave the mall? Perhaps a group of parents could get together and take turns watching the kids?
  • Disregard perfection.  Often the most significant individual stress for the holidays is the overwhelming expectation for everything to turn out perfect. Truth is nothing is perfect, and it is not solely one person’s job to take care of Christmas.
  • Take a deep breath. Keep the spirit of the holiday magical and festive by being true to yourself first. Use the magic of self-honor to experience the truest sense of the season and allow yourself to experience each moment with excitement and pleasure. Allow yourself to ask for help where you need it, so you do not become overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of you.
  • Look at gifts differently. For many of us, Christmas is a time for spending money we don’t have. This year put pen to paper and write a letter, express your truest thoughts and well wishes to the people in your life. Give these special people the gift of your truth, write with love in your soul. This treasured gift will provide a memorable moment of true-hearted love and caring that will live on in the memory forever.
  • Cherish what you have. Value and reflect on the memories you have and make of this holiday. Hold on to the magic, wonder and the true spirit of Christmas and let go of the rest.  As you choose to honor yourself, you can also honor others.


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