Eye Palette Update

I thought I would take a moment and update you on a bunch of first impressions that I have done over the last couple of months.



When it comes to fast and easy looks, this is without a doubt the palette that I still reach for.  The shadows blend beautifully without any fuss or hassle. The compact is the perfect size to take with me, not that I ever need to.  These shadows go until you tell them to stop.

Sephora $72


Huda Beauty – New Nudes Palette:

huda4I use this palette almost daily.  The looks can be beautiful and soft or edgy depending on your mood.  These shadows easily last 12 hours without budging.  The multi-reflective are a surprise when applied to the eyes.  The color in the pan is not the color that you may see once you have applied it.  As much as I enjoyed the novelty of the Concealed concealer I really wish that they had just invested in another shadow.  The concealer quickly becomes dirty and unappealing.  I also found myself blaise over the shade Kinky.  It just looks so much like so many shades that I have already seen and have similar shades of in my collection.  For those negatives I must say that I live for the shades Love Bite and Fantasy.  They are effortlessly sexy and wonderful.

Sephora $85


ELF Opposites Attract Palette:

opposites attract2
ELF $14

I was totally attracted to the purple shades in this palette.  Coupled with the orange shades I had high hopes for this affordable palette.  I was sadly disappointed.  The orange shades apply well, but they fade to nothingness after approximately 6 hours.  The purple shades applied patchy and were very quick to fade.  I can get a decent color payoff from the metallic shades with the exception of Chill.  Fresh, Sassy and Cheeky also get a fair bit of use. This was a rare miss for me.  ELF usually amazes me with their products. I have heard people raving about this product. It was something that started out with so much potential and just failed.  If you managed to get this product to work could you please let me know in the comments down below?


Covergirl TruNaked Sunsets:

tru1These berry shades drew me in and they don’t disappoint.  The color does fade after about six hours.  But, those are six magical hours.  I use this palette to try out new techniques and tricks, if I am just running errands or bumming around the house.  This palette was the best out of the three that I tried.  I would recommend it, and commend Covergirl for going cruelty-free.  Well worth the expediture for the price.

Covergirl $10


Covergirl TruNaked Peach Punch:

peach3This palette smells great.  There is quite a bit of fallout and I find the colors fade away in a few hours.  This is a great palette to test out different looks or to just do some running around.  The looks are wonderful.  Just don’t mind people smelling your eyes.

Covergirl $10


Covergirl TruNaked Roses:

roses1My favorite for soft romantic colors.  The colors last on average 4-6 hours.  The disappointing part with this pallet was hitting pan after 8 uses.  The palette is so powdery and the color so soft that it becomes difficult to build up lasting color without going through alot of product.  If you are seeking super natural coloring then this palette will serve you well.  Personally, I would buy the colors in the eyeshadow quad instead of the palette.  It seems to be a different formula that just works better.

Covergirl $10


Do you agree with my assessment on these products? What is your favorite or least favorite eyeshadow palette?  Let me know in the comments down below or chime in on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @everydaybeaut11.

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