Soo’Ae Sper Intensive Hydrocell Mask

Soo'AE Hydrocell Mask

After a long, frustrating green haired day I got the chance to try out this mask.  I would like to thank the folks at Soo’AE for sending me a beautiful box full of goodies.  This mask smells like a warm cup of Earl Grey Tea.  Which, is one of my all time favorite smells.  So, after a tough day, this was a welcome relaxation.

This mask retails for $3.00 at Walmart. Full of Glycerin, Lactobacillus/Soybean extract, Fig Fruit Extract, Ginko Biloba, Bergamot, Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid and botanical extracts this little mask packs a real host of wonderful ingredients.

As described by Soo’AE:

Formulated with Soo Ae’s Moisture Revival Complex, a unique blend of botanical extracts and 17 complex amino acids, this hydrating formula helps to improve moisture and skin clarity for radiant and smooth skin. This moisture-rich essence formula is infused into Soo Ae’s unique eco-friendly Hydrocell mask fabric and allows for significantly improved absorption and delivery of powerful ingredients into the skin, exceeding those of a traditional sheet mask

The instructions for use are pretty basic.  Cleanse skin, apply toner or serum and then apply the mask.  Relax for 15-20 minutes, remove mask and rub in any remaining product.  In case you needed an excuse to have some downtime, this is it!

The mask itself is cooling and soothing.  The consistency doesn’t change in the time that you have it applied.  I did notice a tingly warming sensation after about 15 minutes.   The mask left my skin glowing.  I did see a bit of a tacky residue left on my skin, and my skin was gleaming.  This lasted for about 15 minutes before my skin returned to its usual self.

You may wish to try this product if:

  • You want a product free of Parabens
  • You want a product free of Sulfates
  • You want a product free of Phalates
  • You want a product free of Dyes
  • You want a product free of Fragrance
  • You want a product not tested on animals ( as listed on the companies website)

You may wish to pass on this product if:

  • You are seeking a Vegan product

Soo’AE is an affordable way to try K-beauty.  Offering an absolutely huge variety of products it is hard to imagine that you wouldn’t be able to find a product you like.  I would purchase this product again just for the lovely smell that relaxed me so much.

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