Genuine Health Vegan Greens+O

I have been using Genuine Health Vegan Greens+O off and on for awhile now.  Its Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten free and it tastes GOOD.  It isn’t gritty at all, and it goes down pretty gosh darn easy.  There is no smell to the product and it actually makes me want to get up and moving.   I am a huge fan of this company and its products, and I use them often with no ill effects or tummy upset.  In case you are wondering, no they don’t sponsor me, but I wish they did.

It goes without saying that enjoy supporting Canadian companies, and companies that have been around for more than a minute with a reputation that I can get behind.   If I sound like a cheerleader for this company, I am.  The only complaint that I would have is price point, on the other hand you are paying for quality ingredients.   Check out all of the goodness in the product below, please give me your feedback and experiences with Vegan Greens+O and let me know what products are your ‘go-to.’


Vegan Greens+O Available on Amazon $45.00


Recommended Use: To support good health and help metabolize fats and proteins.

Adult Dosage: Mix 1 scoop (7.6 g) of vegan greens+ O in 1 cup (250 mL) of pure water or juice. Shake well. If you are a new user of greens+, begin with 1/3 of a scoop daily and gradually increase to 1 full scoop daily over a 3 week period. Take with food.


Amount (per 7.6 g)
Organic spirulina / Spiruline biologique (Arthrospira platensis) 1,450 mg
Organic carrot / Carotte biologique (Daucus carota) 1,200 mg
Organic apple peel (AppleActiv®) / Pelure de pomme biologique (AppleActivMD) (Malus domestica) 1,200 mg
Sunflower lecithin / Lécithine de tournesol 1,100 mg
Organic chia seed / Graine de chia biologique (Salvia hispanica L.) 400 mg
Organic alfalfa grass / Herbe de luzerne biologique (Medicago sativa) 383 mg
Organic chlorella (cracked cell wall) / Chlorelle biologique (paroi cellulaire micro-éclatée) (Chlorella vulgaris) 300 mg
Organic brown rice / Riz brun biologique (Oryza sativa) 300 mg
Organic red beet root / Racine de betterave rouge biologique (Beta vulgaris) 200 mg
Organic broccoli sprouts / Pousses de brocoli biologique (Brassica oleracea italica) 200 mg
Organic broccoli / Brocoli biologique (Brassica oleracea) 200 mg
Licorice root extract standardized to 10% glycyrrhizin (5:1 = 580 mg) / Extrait de racine de réglisse normalisé à 10 % de glycyrrhizine (5:1 = 580 mg) (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) 116 mg
Acerola berry juice extract standardized to 18% Vitamin C / Extrait de jus de baies d’acérola normalisé à 18 % de vitamine C (Malpighia glabra L.) 115 mg
Siberian ginseng root extract standardized to 0.8% eleutherosides (28:1 = 1,680 mg) / Extrait de racine de ginseng de Sibérie normalisé à 0,8 % d’éleuthérosides (28:1 = 1 680 mg) (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 60 mg
Milk thistle seed extract standardized to 86% silymarin / Extrait de graine de chardon-Marie normalisé à 86 % de silymarine (Silybum marianum L.) 60 mg
Organic Atlantic dulse seaweed / Petit goémon biologique de l’Atlantique (algue) (Palmaria palmata) 33 mg
Ginkgo biloba leaf extract standardized to 24% ginkgo flavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones (50:1 = 1,000 mg) / Extrait de feuille de ginkgo biloba normalisé à 24 % de glycosides flavonoïdiques de ginkgo et à 6 % de terpéno-lactones (50:1 = 1 000 mg) 20 mg
Japanese green tea leaf extract standardized to 90% polyphenols and 60% catechins / Extrait de feuille de thé vert du Japon normalisé à 90 % de polyphénols et à 60 % de catéchines (Camellia sinensis L.) 15 mg
European bilberry extract standardized to 25% anthocyanidins (100:1 = 1,000 mg) / Extrait de myrtille européenne normalisé à 25 % d’anthocyanidines (100:1 = 1 000 mg) (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) 10 mg
Grape skin and seed extract standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins and 200 ppm Resveratrol (500:1 = 2,500 mg) / Extrait de peau et de pépin de raisin normalisé à 95 % de proanthocyanidines et à 200 ppm de resvératrol (500:1 = 2 500 mg) (Vitis vinifera) 5 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Whole organic Stevia rebaudiana leaf.

Vegan greens+ O contains no gluten, wheat, animal products, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. NON-IRRADIATED.

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