Day 2

Here we are…another day.  I have been craving sugar non stop all night and I didn’t sleep.  My plan is to limit my intake of added sugars ( if it has natural sugar in it I am leaving it be) to 9g per day.  So far today I am at 2.75g thanks to my Vanilla Almond Milk. Not foggy, just grumpy.

In an effort to help balance my system I have added in some Genuine Health Vegan Greens +O and some Vega Protein and Greens to my daily routine.  I really like the taste of the Genuine Health product because it is less gritty.  That said I get a lot of Vega products for the price and availability.   I will put up full reviews of all the products I am using on my Wellness Products page.

Incorporating some stretching today and I do notice that the massive breakout that was dominating my face is starting to subside.  Stay tuned, tomorrow is Thanksgiving dinner.  I am not cooking so I am pretty sure that I will be stuffed full of goodies and that is ok.  Every day is a new chance to be better.

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