The start of a new day…

I don’t take great care of myself and it shows.  I drink soda, stopped exercising, eat whatever I want ( within the confines of not being able to have Dairy, Fish, or wheat although I seem to not care enough about how badly I will feel and I gorge on these foods on a regular basis) and generally abuse my body to the point where it shuts down.

My skin as you can see is: red, swollen, irritated.  Dark spots and breakouts are combating sagging and texture for the worst skin on the planet. Eyes are irritated and red, I can’t stop coughing and it generally feels like someone has beaten me with a bat.

All together this has taken a huge toll on my limited: self-esteem, self-worth, and sense of self.  I feel depressed, I have gained about 25 lbs and I honestly feel like I am walking around with bags of cottage cheese strapped to my ass.  None of my clothes fit, my ‘bingo wings’ make me feel old.

I have no one to blame but….ME.  As comedian Bill Burr said:

 “You ate your way in, now walk your way out.”

Here I am.  Committed to making changes in my way of doing things…why did I just crack into a soda…damnit?!?!  I’m sorry Coke but after decades together I think its time we saw other people.  Consider this my last one. (Because every single time I say that I mean it and it NEVER sticks!!)

Anyways, I am going to document my journey over the next days and weeks and I hope that you will come along with me, give me feedback, let me know what did and didn’t work for you.

My plan is to reduce sugars, exercise, eat healthy and get proper rest.  I already know that this is easier said than done.

Thankfully, I will have lots of PopLuxe videos to watch and Bill Burr podcasts to listen to.

Cheers, let’s get this party started.

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