What is it?

  • A soft crystal that gives a shimmer to a variety of products

Where is it used?

  • Eye shadow
  • Lipstick
  • Automotive Paint
  • Drywall compound

What does it do?

  • Gives a reflective property to a product to provide a shimmer

Interesting Facts:

  • Mined in scraps, flakes and sheets ( Sheets being harder to come by) this soft crystal has been in the news for the mining practices that involve the utilization of child labor.



  • Synthetic Mica (Fluorphlogopite) is available on the market
    • This eliminates variations in the product
    • Eliminates the use of child labour
    • Eliminates the risk to workers in the mining process
  • Makes everything pretty and shiny


  • Workers have health problems from inhalation of the Mica dust
  • Child labor is often used in the mining process





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