Have you ever wondered what is in your makeup?  What is in your skin care?  Well, this is the page to find out.  Together we will explore different ingredients and find out if they are things you actually want to put on your skin…


Talc often known as Talcum powder or baby powder is widely used in cosmetics.  A substance composed of Magnesium, Silicon and Oxygen it is most widely used to lubricate things in industrial applications such as oils and the production of plastic.  To absorb moisture as in baby powders, sports powders.  Talc is used medically in applications to seal Pleural effusion or Pneumothorax.  Or in regular terms, its is a way to seal a hole in a lung. (My friend Susanne has had this procedure done a couple of times and says that it is terribly painful, but that it works.)  When you see products made of Soapstone, you are seeing Talc.

In terms of makeup, Talc is common. Face powders, blush, eye shadows if you look at the ingredients you are most likely going to see Talc as an ingredient.   This is the base of your makeup.  Generally speaking the use of Talc is safe in cosmetics.  However, if you are concerned try seeking out products made with a corn starch base instead of Talc.  This substitution is becoming more common on the market.

Historically Talc mined in a certain area was found to have Asbestos fibers in it.  This concern was addressed and regulated in 1976.  More than 40 years out, I feel confident in saying that it is not a concern in makeup applications.  Talc has been linked to lung cancer.  These concerns were often seen by the folks mining the product.  They were breathing in excess amounts of Talc dust in the mining process and breathing in Talc dust that contained Asbestos fibers.  For the general public this is not an issue.

Recently, a class action lawsuit was awarded $900 million in a Talc lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson.   The claim in that suit was that Talc was causing Ovarian Cancer.  The lawsuit alleges that Talc was used everyday on the female genitals and that the powder traveled through the reproductive tract and may have been the cause of the cancer.  Johnson and Johnson was found guilty, not because of a definite link, but because they knew that the potential (although unproven) risk existed.

In terms of makeup, I believe the risk to be small.  If you are concerned about it, there are alternatives on the market as I touched on earlier.





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