The WTF Products

Every now and then you run across products that just don’t work.  You want to like them, you have high hopes for them and then… *BOOM* the splash of disappointment as they crash and burn.  These are products that just didn’t work for me.  If they work for you great, this is just my experience.



Covergirl TruNaked Roses Eyeshadow Palette:


The colors are stunning on this palette.  Beautiful.  I love that I can get double the amount of shadows that I would get buying the Covergirl Pure Romance quad, for only $3 more.   CoverGirl-TruNaked-Eye-Shadow-RosesThe back of the palette offers both instructions on how to achieve different looks and has a peel up flap on the back to give you the names of the shades and more instructions on how to better create different looks.  Sounds amazing,right?  Wrong.   The shadows are flaky and dusty.  Fallout is everywhere (Fallout: when you dip your brush into your product and then tap off the excess.)  This is huge waste of product.  Yes, it performs better if you use a sponge applicator.  In terms of less fall out, but it fails to provide an even application.

I have tried this product with primer, with concealer, without anything and in all cases these shadows are NOT pigmented.  They blend well because they just disappear off your face.  It takes five or six layers to get any kind of color out of this.  Again, huge waste of product and time.  It frustrates me to no end to see such beautiful colors not work.

I tried to reach out several times to Covergirl and Coty ( Covergirl’s parent company) to see if it is a bad batch or what the tea is on this.   As of this writing I have heard nothing back from the company.  The Pure Romance quad was a different formula utilizing the same colors but, with pigment and not flaky.  I would recommend trying that product instead.




Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer:


I needed a primer. I was out, and I have seen all over that this is a dupe for the Urban Decay Primer Potion.  So, I picked it up for $5.  My mistake.  This primer is colored, which I don’t mind.  It has a thick texture which isn’t really a problem.  In an effort to give it a fair shake I tried to apply it with my fingers and with a brush.   The primer applies OK, but once it dries down it flakes off. prime1EVERYWHERE.  It made my eyelids look crepey and it really didn’t hold the color very well.   It was definitely not a flattering look.   I tried to reach out to the company, with no response.  I really like that they are cruelty free, they buy from other cruelty free suppliers.  This one product in particular didn’t work for me.






Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil:


I found this in Sephora, it was blue.  I like blue.  The clerk laughed at me and said she didn’t recommend it.  I should have listened.  herbivorelapis1 This facial oil, smells like something that fell out of my grandfather’s medicine cabinet. Its vegan which is awesome, designed to reduce redness and balance the skin without clogging pores.   On my skin: breakouts, my face reeked like old gym shoes, and worst of all it didn’t absorb in at all.   I really wanted to like this one.  But, I am committed to trying other products from this company.

I did reach out to the company, and I haven’t heard anything as of yet.  This product seems to be very popular…maybe its just me.


Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Facial Oil:


I love, love, love Palmer’s products.  They are affordable, they work well, easy to find everywhere.  I really wanted to love this product.   It has a lot of really great components in it and worked super amazing in the beginning.











Time goes by; and in very short order the formula goes from a beautiful golden oil to a milky colored mess with sludge in the bottom.  No amount of shaking fixed it and I ended up throwing out the remaining half of a bottle.   I did reach out to Palmer’s.  No word from them.  I do have their Skin Therapy Oil for Face which, I would recommend when the weather is cold and dry out.  I also have the Skin Therapy Oil with Rosehips.  I love it for my body.  Makes my dry, flaky skin look healthy and happy.


Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Tint Pen:


The concept on this product is amazing! The applicator is absolutely a revolutionary idea.

Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen Makeup TipThat little applicator gives the illusion of brow hairs.  Which is insane.  The product was easy to apply.  Went on smooth and I was pretty impressed.  Two hours later, I was shopping and it was pointed out to me that my eyebrows were a definite shade of grey-green.  They were supposed to be soft brown.  I am not the only one.  Many customers have complained of blue brows, green, grey.




I contacted Maybelline and they supplied me with a refund but, they didn’t indicate if the problem has been corrected.  As such, I am not repurchasing.  I totally recommend Maybelline mascaras.  I really have to commend them for stepping up and innovating product application.




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