Garnier SkinActive Mattifying Cleanser

Today we are here to discuss another great product from Garnier.  Today we are taking a look at the Garnier SkinActive Mattifying Cleanser.  As always I have included a link below so that you can order right from the safety and comfort of your computer.


Garnier SkinActive Mattifying Cleanser-Amazon


The Claims:

This product claims to purify skin while removing dirt, oil and buildup.  It also says it is derived using 96% Natural Ingredients and that it will leave skin clean and mattified.


How it stacks up:


I received this product as part of a PR package from the wonderful people at Garnier.  This mattifying cleanser is designed to work with the Garnier SkinActive Mattifying Toner.   The cleanser has the amazing Green Tea scent that is a signature of the SkinActive line.  The product is Paraben, Dye and Silicone free.

The best part of the packaging is the back.  Yes, the BACK.  There is a list of the ingredients ( as there is on every product everywhere) written with a translation in plain English of exactly what it IS.  *mind blown*   If you are a person who actually wants to know what you are putting on your skin, then THIS is AMAZING!!!

96% of the ingredients are listed as Naturally Derived.  Cool.  I would really like to dig in a bit deeper to all the ins and outs of the actual production processes, but that is for another article.  This is a great step for a major company to try to steer away from chemicals into a more environmentally responsible stance.

This product is Vegan,  again a great start.  As you may all know, I am hoping that the company makes strides towards being cruelty free.

The cleanser itself is lovely.  It foams nicely and smells wonderful.  I used an entire bottle of this cleanser during the dog days of summer when my only skin option is grease ball.  It works.   My skin was clean, not oily at all wonderful under makeup.   You can find it at Walmart for a price point of less than $10.  If you have oily or combination skin this product would be great in hot weather, it would be great in a gym bag, it would be awesome to use on the day of a huge presentation.   It works and it’s another great product from Garnier.

I will be repurchasing to have a bottle in my gym bag.  Give it a try.




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