Hyluronic Acid

Have you ever wondered what is in your makeup?  What is in your skin care?  Well, this is the page to find out.  Together we will explore different ingredients and find out if they are things you actually want to put on your skin…


The miracle ingredient of the beauty world.  Hyluronic Acid is a molecule that is naturally abundant in the body.   It is noted as a large part of skin repair moderation of healing and wound repair.  Also used to create artificial eye drops, and cosmetic creams and fillers.

Basically, this molecule will attract and hold a thousand times its weight in water. When you put it on damp skin it acts as a humectant, holding the water on your skin which provides you with the appearance of plumper skin with fewer wrinkles.

Medically, Hyluronic Acid is used as an injectable dermal filler. Often used to plump up lines and add fullness to the face this filler lasts between 18-24 months while being broken down by the body naturally.  Before you go running to the doctor, be aware that these treatments are expensive and can still have side effects up to and including allergic reactions.

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