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Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my series on Face Masks.   As always, I will be walking you through a bunch of different products at a multitude of price points.  Please feel free to send me feedback or suggestions on products that you would like to see reviewed.  As always, I encourage you to share this page with your friends and to follow the page so you are always in the know!  I have a linked this product to Amazon, so click below to order.

Amazon- Sephora Pearl Face Mask


First Impressions:


I was at Sephora checking out a whole bunch of new goodies and I noticed that masks were on sale, so I picked up the Sephora Pearl Face Mask.   This mask says its for “Perfecting and Brightening” promising visible results in 15 minutes and also claims:


“Refines skin texture and minimizes irregular aspects”

“Instantly increases natural glow”

“For skin that is more even and luminous”


This mask retails for $8 at Sephora, and there are a wide variety of different types for different needs.

The sheet mask comes packed in a standard foil pouch.  It doesn’t take up much space and is easy to store.  The first thing that I notice when I opened the pouch is that it smells AMAZING.  Very nice, not to strong, not to mild.  Just right.  The sheet mask was easy to unfold, separate from its colored film and apply. pearl face 3

This mask should be applied to clean skin and at the end of 15 minutes, remove the mask, and rub in the remained of the product.  Ok,  so we have 15 minutes to wait…sing the Jeopardy song or look up the ingredients?  Let’s look it up.

Willow Bark Extract: Willow bark extract is a natural purifying agent, it helps with calming down oily skin,  its exfoliating, and a type of astringent.  Many companies turn to this component to provide a form of beta hydroxy acid in their products. Basically, this will calm your skin down while encouraging cell turnover.

Mother of Pearl Extract:   Touted to help with Collagen production and accelerate skin healing.   Honestly, there was not very much information available on this, so my apologies on not being able to give you guys more information.

Peach Flower Extract:  Antioxidant, boosts Collagen, claims to help with UV damage.


This mask is small.  The edges of the mask don’t come anywhere near the edges of my face.   In fact on both sides I am about an inch and a half shy.  How exactly is this supposed to work?  Isn’t it supposed to cover my entire face?  The parts of my face that are covered feel cool and relaxed. Wow, 15 minutes is up already?  Seriously?   Let’s peel this off and take a look…


Reveal/ Final Thoughts:


This mask was pretty dry when I peeled it off. Much drier than the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask.  I had enough product to rub into my face, neck.  Barely.    A look in the mirror revealed the most luminescent skin I have ever seen.  It looks like I went face first into a bunch of liquid highlighter.   I squeezed a drop or two out of the pouch and the serum looks very shiny and pearl like.   This would be called glow on maximum.  I would stress that this isn’t a bad thing, a bit of glow looks awesome.  This is kind of on the edge of glowing oil slick.   Glowy on cheeks good…everywhere….less good.


15 Minutes later… this serum dries down and still leaves a luminescent appearance.   It should however be noted that DRY isn’t DRY this stuff is still tacky to the touch.  This stuff is STICKY.  Ick.  Luminescent but ick.


60 Minutes later…



…what in the actual OW!  My skin went from glowy and dewy to an irritated, red, SORE mess.  This is so painful.  Oh my goodness.  I am going to have to say: Nope, no way, hard pass, thanks but no thanks.   As you can see my skin is red and inflamed, my pores can now be seen from space and this product has not brightened my skin nor perfected it.


This product really didn’t work for me.  It may work for you, everyone is different and has different skin.  With a price tag of $8, I find a way better value for the dollar to go to the drugstore and purchase two Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks.   You get a lot more for your money and you don’t look like you have been slapped around.


I hope you will join me for my next article, in the mean time please excuse me, I need to go and apologize to my skin.


pearl face 2

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