Garnier- SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask Glow Boosting

Amazon- Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask Glow Boosting


Hey Everyone!  Welcome back.  Today we are discussing face masks, and as always I have put direct links above to Amazon for your shopping convenience.  Please feel free to provide feedback, to share this page with friends, family, and anyone you meet.  Click the follow button to always be the first in the know when it comes to new reviews and products.   Ok, enough of this…on with the show….


First Impressions:


The fine folks at Garnier were kind enough to send me this mask to try out.  So a big thank you goes out to them.  This is a single use sheet mask that:


” Intensely hydrates, gives skin a luminous complexion & healthy-looking radiance.”


This product is listed as compatible for all skin types, and easy to use.  Apply to clean skin, peel off protective cover, wait 15 minutes and then remove the mask, rubbing any remainder of the fluid into skin.

The single use foil pack is soft and flexible, I could see storing it in my weekend bag easily, it doesn’t take up any room.   The sheet mask itself is folded into quarters and SOAKED in serum.   It was super easy to unfold, plop on my face, peel off the backing and wait.   I kinda looked like I escaped from a mummy movie, however the sensation was cooling and refreshing.   Since we have 15 minutes, let’s take a peek at the ingredients:


pink sheet back


Hyaluronic Acid:  Holds many times its weight in water to give skin a much needed drink.  This miracle acid helps to plump, hydrate and allow other components to sink into the skin.


Sakura Extract:  Didn’t know what it was, had time, so hello Google?  Tell me more….Sakura Extract comes from Cherry Blossoms ( would explain the pictures of Cherry Blossoms on the cover of the package…am I having a dumb day or what?) which protect the skin, keeping it bright and supple, protecting the collagen matrix.  This is the stuff that is going to light up my skin (hopefully) and make it glow.


There are some major things missing from this package as well:


Parabens:  None, nada, zip, zilch.   Parabens are common preservatives found in food, cosmetics, etc.  They were originally designed to prevent mold and bacteria growth.  Connections have been suggested between parabens and cancer, hormone disruption, and increased sun damage from UVB rays.   Its good to note that some parabens have been banned in the European Union.   Overall, nothing has been proven beyond a doubt and I still try to avoid the risk when and where I can.  Good job on eliminating them from the product.  Two thumbs up.


Mineral Oil:  Mineral oil is found in a crud ton of products all across the market.  Keep in mind there isn’t really anything wrong with Mineral Oil.  I have it in a bunch of products that I love and it doesn’t do any harm.  My problem with Mineral oil is that it clogs up my pores and makes me break out.   For that reason I try to avoid it if I can.  Your face isn’t likely to fall off if you use a product with Mineral oil in it.  Personal choice on this one…


The Reveal/ Final Thoughts:


Time’s up!  This mask is still soaking wet.  I am talking soaking wet.  My skin is glistening and and drippy.  Just as promised.   I’ve made sure to rub in the excess, and rubbed it not just into my face, but also my neck, chest, ears.  This stuff just keeps on GOING!  The mask that I peeled off is so full of fluid that I rubbed it on my legs, arms, and torso.  This is now a full body mask!


The sensation is cooling, and soothing on my skin.  My skin, is GLOWING.  It looks like I have applied highlighter all over my body.  My skin is soft, supple, radiant.  DAMN, I look good.  Like REALLY good.


I am impressed, mind blown!  This is a product that actually lives up to all of the claims made on the packaging.  Seriously.  Do you have any idea how RARE it is to find a product that really does exactly what it says its going to do?  If this product were a person, you would marry it, and never stop swooning over it.


Retailing on Amazon at a price point of 3$ I would ask why you are still reading this and not clicking on the above link to order a bunch of these?  Try it, you won’t be disappointed in the value you get for your hard earned dollars.






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