Fresh Rose Face Mask

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my series on Face Masks.   As always, I will be walking you through a bunch of different products at a multitude of price points.  Please feel free to send me feedback or suggestions on products that you would like to see reviewed.  As always, I encourage you to share this page with your friends and to follow the page so you are always in the know!  I have a linked this product to Amazon, so click below to order.

Fresh Rose Face Mask-




Fresh was founded in the early 90’s as a small Boston based soap company.   In less than 30 years it has grown into a coveted brand found in Sephora and on Amazon.  Fresh makes a variety of really nice products.   The price point is on average with many other luxury brands that you will find on the market.   Let’s see if this product is worth the money…



First Impressions:



The Fresh Rose Face Mask comes in a very basic, white, plastic screw top container.   It comes in a variety of sizes from 3.3Oz/100ml down to 0.5Oz/15ml size.  So, at a price point of 80$ for 3.3Oz, the packaging doesn’t feel very luxe.  Yes, I can drop it in the bathroom and not worry about breaking the container.  Yes, its practical.  Luxe, not so much.   Personally, I don’t like the little jar containers.   The transfer of bacteria from your fingers to the jar and then transferring the bacteria back to your face..gross.  I would love to see this in a pump style container just to maintain hygiene standards.



When I first opened the lid, all I could smell was roses.  My entire bathroom suddenly smelled like a rose garden.  Like seriously.  It has a STRONG scent.  Pleasant, but strong.   The mask gel is brownish in color with chunky pieces in it.  I am guessing that the chunky pieces are rose petals?   It looks a bit odd.  Then again, I look a bit odd with no makeup on so I shouldn’t judge.

The instructions on the packaging say to apply to moist, freshly cleansed skin.  Let sit for 5 to 10 Fresh rose openminutes and then rinse off.   The gel itself is lightweight and applies easily.   I like the smell of roses.  If you don’t like the floral smell then you are not going to love this product.  I sat for ten minutes wondering how many people were going to stop and smell my face over the course of the day.   Yes, I have weird thoughts.

While I was waiting for my timer to go off, I checked into the ingredients:

Rose Water/ Rose Oil and Rose Petals:  Designed to soothe and tighten the skin, basically it tones it up and pulls everything together without irritating skin.

Green Tea:  Antioxidant, designed to protect the body from free radicals, brighten the skin and generally make the world a better place.

Cucumber: Cooling and soothing the skin.  Eliminate redness. Invoke that feeling of ‘ahhhh.’

Aloe:  Again soothe and cool the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: Designed to hold many times its weight in water.  This acid holds the water against the skin, providing the appearance of plumper, smoother skin.  Skin stays hydrated and happy.  This component also encourages the absorption of other ingredients into the skin.

Maris Aqua:  Better known as sea water.  Full of minerals that make your skin look amazing.

Porphyridium Cruentum:  OK. I had to actually Google this to find out what the holy heck it was.   Turns out, its a type of Algae.  This algae can help provide ‘optimal moisture’ to the skin for 24 hours.   Turns out that this component is extensively used in Fresh products.

Fragrance:  As nice as the smell is, its really overboard.  Way, way overboard.  A true bouquet of roses can not hold a candle to how strong this smell is.  I get that you want people to think ROSES, but DANG.

At the end of 10 minutes, I found that the gel hadn’t dried at all, I really didn’t notice the smell anymore and… time to rinse.   The gel comes off super easy and it leaves behind some pretty amazing skin.

My skin felt soft and plump.  There was no redness or irritation.  My pores looked good and my skin was hydrated.  A pretty good start if you ask me…



  Long Term Impressions:



The Fresh Rose Face mask is labelled as safe to use everyday.  I used up the ENTIRE container.  Used it religiously every..single…day.   As much as I thought that the smell was strong in the beginning, its actually a pretty decent product.

First of all, it does make my skin feel soft, plump, happy and hydrated.  Second, the smell started to be something I looked forward to.  It would make me smile.  Yes, the smell of a face mask made me smile, and RELAX.  It became a part of my daily routine.

Is it worth 80$ a jar?  Well, that depends on you.  A little dab will do you on this.  The product will go a long way and last a long time.   Did it transform my skin into something magical?  No.   Is it a product that I couldn’t live without?  Not so much.   What I would recommend to everyone is to give it a try and see if you like it.  Now I hear you, 80$ is insane.

Fear not, I have not lost my mind.  On the Sephora website and on the Fresh website you can find a duo pack.  The duo pack contains a 0.5Oz/15ml sample size of the Rose Face Mask and a tube of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.  Cost is about $25.  Sephora has these sets go on sale on occasion, so you could probably get this for 20$.  Alternately,  I would strongly recommend going to Sephora and asking for a sample of the face mask.  This way you can decide if you like the smell BEFORE you buy.


That said, there is a link at the top of the page, if you love the smell of roses and you want to splurge right away.   Stay tuned,  coming up more masks…worth the money?  We shall see…







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