How it all started..

Hey, everyone!  This journey started quite simply.  I was watching YouTube.  I was watching a makeup review and the person applying the product; had it on so thick you could literally see it from space.   They were extolling the virtues of a super expensive product.  (Good for them.)  A product that I couldn’t afford.

So, I started to think to myself…

“How much MONEY, does the average person spend in a year? On makeup?  How many people, TRULY get a good product? How many get scammed?”

How many people actually apply these fancy products with a trowel and go out in public?  Is that really the NORMAL?  No.  It’s not.

I am just a regular person.  With a budget.  Who has to face the real world.  Who gets judged on the way my makeup looks, and if it is age appropriate.  This is a blog for all the people that need to find real products that WORK, on a BUDGET, no trial and error required.



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